Thursday, 6 November 2008

Gareth David-Lloyd comes to Norwich!

Following a popular signing at the Stamp Centre, We’re pleased to welcome Gareth David-Lloyd to Norwich, at The Television and Movie Store!

Fans of Torchwood will of course know Gareth as Ianto Jones, one of the Torchwood team, loved for making the coffee and keeping cyberwomen in the basement!
Doctor Who fans will now surely recognise Ianto, too, following his appearance in the series four finale, ‘Stolen Earth/Journey’s End’, defending the Torchwood Hub against DALEK attack!

Gareth will be in-store on December 6th from 9AM signing official merchandise! The usual £10 minimum spend applies.

We hope to see you in store on the day to meet Gareth!

For more details, do contact us at the shop on 01603 611420


Charlotte and Daisy (The weird girls that come into the shop sometimes...) said...


From Charlotte and Daisy :)

Charlotte and Daisy said...


He hasn't died or anything has he?
It'd be just our luck!

Wooo, tomorrow!
Be there or be um...

Charles (Autograph collector) said...

Hello Charlotte and Daisy, this is a comment from the boy in the dark coat in front of you. I just wanted to ay that it was nice to meet you both, by the way my name is Charles.

Anonymous said...

Charlotte and Daisy, you scared me.
I'm Abby if you remember, the one that was scared of you.
Did you see us on the bbc norfolk website?
If you look closely you can see our backs...

Charlotte and Daisy said...

Ha ha ha!
Feeling famous!

We scared people!
Yay! Sorta... :)

But hey, you know who we are!


Woop woop!